Alriyami Bits

Al-riyamibits is another project which is under zanzibits NGO. The project is located to the same building where zanzibits is located. It consists of  new mordern computers . after staying for two years at alriyami academy building, Mr. Guy Mullens the director of zanzibits NGO offered the free computer classes to secondary students (form one and form two) of al-riyami academy. Every year the students will get the basic computer skills leveled as zanzibits course one.

The course module consists the lessons like an introduction to computer, some software of Microsoft package (word, excel and power point), basic graphic design using adobe Photoshop software, basic internet ad presentation skill, if you ask the students about al-riyamibits the answers will always be “we are happy with computer classes here at al-riyamibits we never thought if the subject will be the part of our curriculum”.