Aboud Nassor

Aboud Nassor Khamis: Trainer.

I’m known as Aboud Nassor Khamis, born in 1989 as the last born child in my family and I’m Zanzibari.
I’m among on those young people in this world based on the efforts and goals in their life, and one way many young people use to achieve their goals in life is education, which I’m capable of.

Playing and watching football, slotseeing.com listen to music, sitting with friends talking to exchange ideas are among my hobbies as well as finding new friends, travelling different parts of the country and possibly to other parts of the world.

In term of the level of my education, I have separated the issues of computer which is one of my efforts that I like as a professional to me and yet I depend on it for the moment.

For the time being, I am a volunteer trainer in NGO which called ZanziBits where previously I was a student.
Training in ZanziBits NGO gives me comfort to share knowledge that I have, with the company of the team focused on bridging the digital gap here in Zanzibar.